My experience of taking Javascript Interviews | How to be a good Developer for Jobs

My experience of taking Javascript Interviews | How to be a good Developer for Jobs

Hi Folks,

It’s my opinion when I took a lot of javascript interviews in the last couple of years. Looking for javascript developers and Hiring a good javascript Developers is really a challenging task

The perception which people are having these days

  1. I am working on angular 1.x since last 1 year so I can apply for javascript Jobs, Learning framework is easy but learning bit and pieces of javascript is different
  2. working on Angular/React/Vue is not enough to get Javascript level Jobs
  3. We just learn some framework and start saying that I am good at javascript and framework, according to me this will not be a correct statement.
  4. We should focus more on Learning Core of javascript which is missing among a lot of developers, they just jump in the direct framework and start saying, javascript experts
  5. Important of all that we should never Hire developers for a particular Javascript framework but we should Hire Good JS developers

Incidents —

Interview Questions -

  1. The lifecycle of React, React state and props how it works and Redux pattern — Attendee is able to answer the answers of these questions as they are simple but related to basic react JS work
  2. When questions come for how to do we shallow/deep copy or how to create Copy of object — this becomes tricky and some developers will not be able to answer this, they may talk about Object.assign and all but the final clean and clear answer you will not get

I always advise developers to look into MDN documentation for learning JS in depth, we write react or angular but everything is javascript only

During the interview, developers were not able to identify the difference between mao and forEach methods on Array. the prototype, That was surprising as this was not expected from any JS developers This is something which we do daily in Javascript until unless we stuck with framework

Learn framework as they make development easy but also take care of Vanila Javascript, javascript is functinal programming and has more to learn

Another Incident developers think javascript is something which deals with Object everything is Object only and they keep learning on top of this, but it’s not correct, see the below results

Start with a beginning like a type System where we deal with null, undefined or symbols how they differ and when to use what !!

Learn Core ES5 functions and prototype and proto

Learn How ES6 being compiled to ES5

IIFE Block, not magic but simple way to calling a function (self invocation)

Module Pattern in Javascript

Async Pattern in javascript callback, promises, async-await, Event Loop in V8

Conclusion —

Work more with Vanilla Javascript and keep writing Code in JS

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Hey, I'm Tarun, a software engineer, writer, and open-sourcerer. I publish articles and tutorials about modern JavaScript, design, and programming.

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